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“Over the past 4 years, Tourism Policy gained its place at the EU agenda. The Manifesto

on Tourism for Growth and Jobs have been the beginning where more than 40 EU

Tourism stakeholders set clear objectives to support EU tourism development. Thanks

to HOTREC´s initiatives we pinpointed the challenges of the sector and the need for

action. As Chair of the Tourism Working Group in SME Europe I am convinced that we

made a historical step forward towards a better, sustainable and smart EU Tourism policy

with the adoption, for the first time, of a budget line for Tourism for the next multiannual

financial framework.”

Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Member of the European Parliament

“Whether it be in employment or other files, I have always found in HOTREC a reliable

provider of information allowing me to better understand the particular sensitivities of

the hotel, restaurant – and pub and café sector in the European Union. Understanding yet

activist, HOTREC can knock on my door any time.“

Tom Vandenkendelaere, Member of the European Parliament

“The cooperation with a serious service provider such as HOTREC was a successful

promotion of tourism, emphasizing its significant role of supporting economic growth in

a responsible and sustainable way.”

Isabella De Monte, Member of the European Parliament

“The hospitality sector is an important part of the SME-driven backbone of our society

and deserves to be heard in the European political process. HOTREC has been a reliable

counterpart for finding workable solutions.”

Ulrike Müller, Member of the European Parliament

“As the European Parliament’s rapporteur on food waste I commend HOTREC and its

members for their efforts in reducing food waste and for the meaningful input they

provided to my policy work”.

Biljana Borzan, Member of the European Parliament

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White Paper for Hospitality in Europe