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In a world of change driven by technology, in which tourist arrivals exceed 1 billion per year, the fast-evolving

digital economy has made online platforms the gateway to tourism development driving growth however often

in a disruptive and uncontrolled manner. With this White Paper, HOTREC calls on the EU Institutions to ensure

that online platforms commit to fair and transparent B to B and B to C relations, thanks to the implementation

of the platform-to-business relations Regulation and to the enforcement of the Airbnb commitments following

the call from the European Commission and EU consumer authorities in July 2018.

A new thinking on subsidiarity and exerting EU competences is needed to ensure that EU action focuses

primarily on truly cross-border issues, therefore making subsidiarity a must e.g. for social affairs. Furthermore,

the “Think Small First principle“ shall prevail in the hospitality sector, of which 1,8 million enterprises are

microenterprises, making the goal of cutting red tape, and of providing the framework to Member States to

foster entrepreneurship a priority in support of innovation. With this White Paper, the hospitality industry also

calls on the EU Institutions to make the fight against the shortage of skills a key priority, also promoting flexible

working arrangements as a response to the specificity of the sector. Another major priority is sustainability.

To follow-up with actions taken within the circular economy to reduce food waste, and to improve energy

efficiency, HOTREC calls on the EU Institutions to support the industry to further develop voluntary initiatives

on healthy nutrition and lifestyles. With this White Paper, HOTREC also calls on the EU Institutions to tackle

overtourism and open a debate on its 5 recommendations to policy-and decision-makers.

Last but not least, ExCom calls on the EU Institutions to invest in big data to help better manage tourism flows,

not to forget the necessary investments to make it the industry of the future, e. g. by developing research on

artificial intelligence and blockchains.

HOTREC looks forward to working closely with the renewed EU institutions to build a better and sustainable


HOTREC calls on the EU to make innovation

the cornerstone of sustainable tourism

Marc Van Muylders

Vice-President of HOTREC

Vice-President of HORECA Bruxelles

Jens Zimmer Christensen

President of HOTREC

President of Horesta Denmark

Adrian Cummins

Treasurer of HOTREC

CEO of Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI)

Samuel Lacombe

ExCom Member

Vice-President of Groupement National

des Chaines (GNC)

Markus Luthe

ExCom Member

CEO of Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA)

Václav Starek

ExCom Member

President of The Czech Association

of Hotels & Restaurants (AHRCR)

Julian Bystrzanowski

ExCom Member

Vice-President Chamber of Commerce

of the Polish Hotel Industry (IGHP)

Ramón Estalella Halffter

ExCom Member

CEO of Confederación Española

de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos (CEHAT)

Antonio Flamini

ExCom Member

Member of the bureau of

Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi (FIPE)

Alexandros Vassilikos

ExCom Member

President of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH)

Morten Thorvaldsen

ExCom Member

Vice-President of Norwegian

Hospitality Association (NHO)

Joan Gaspart

ExCom Observer

Vice President of the European

Hospitality Foundation (EHF)


2019 EU elections


White Paper for Hospitality in Europe