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2014-2019 EU MANDATE:



“Tourism is a major industry in Europe, an essential part of the mosaic that makes up

Europe’s industrial fabric. It has spin-offs in the areas of trade, agrifoodstuffs, the cultural

and creative industries, transport, construction and shipbuilding. The travel and tourism

sector is one of our major job creators. In short, it is an industry that creates added

value throughout the EU, it makes Europe a global leader in international tourism and it

is ‘the world’s number 1 tourism destination’. As one of the main representatives of the

EU tourism industry, HOTREC’s role in shaping the future of European tourism is key in

tackling the challenges this sector will undoubtedly face during the next term.”

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament

“I would like to thank HOTREC for fostering close cooperation and deliver constructive

efforts for a growing hospitality industry in Europe. The sector is of enormous importance

to our internal market and its consumers.”

Member of the European Parliament, former Chair of the IMCO Committee

“After 5 years we put tourism policy together on its deserved place in the political arena.

With the clear policy and budget related position of the European Parliament we created

the possibility to have a stronger Tourism representation in the coming years. HOTREC

has a crucial role to maintain the constant development of Tourism industry.“

István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament, former Vice-Chair of the TRAN Committee

“HOTREC is an exemplary organisation that is constantly engaged in constructive debate

with decision-makers. They are effective and thorough. A pleasure to work with.”

David Casa, Member of the European Parliament

“As Chair of the Tourism Intergroup in the European Parliament, I value HOTREC’s

participation and immense contribution to the policy work related to tourism, taking often

leadership even on most challenging issues such as overtourism, as well as its extensive

and continuous work to push European tourism towards sustainability.”

Claudia Tapardel, Member of the European Parliament, former co-Chair of the Intergroup on

European Tourism Development in the European Parliament


2019 EU elections


White Paper for Hospitality in Europe